Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Reason

It was so long ago. It took Him so long to come.
But, come he did.
Angels sang praises to God for this Child’s birth.
People from distant lands gave gifts foretelling His future worth.
He lived,
He died,
He lived again.
All so that you and I may share in this Life.
Born of a virgin,
            An apparent impossibility
Born in a barn,
            Among cows and sheep
Born with the responsibility of saving mankind.
He was divine– a great Prince with the royalist of blood.
But, fortunately He was more than just that:
                HE WAS ONE OF US.
He laughed,
            He cried,
                        He yelled, failed, loved...died.
He died.
He died.
He died.
The most powerful of Kings, more powerful than life or death
Subjected Himself to both before conquering each one.
He lowered Himself to pain, suffering, humility-
            To death on a tree
                        For nothing less than all humanity.
He entered the world like a slave
            And left it like a criminal.
Because of Him Death lost its sting on human souls.
He triumphed by living after it.
So that we,
            If we choose
                        Could do the same.
Jesus’ birth was a miracle.
His life was a ministry.
His death, a tragedy.
His Resurrection was the reason for the miracle.
And He,
            In all of His magnificence,
                        Is the Reason for the season.