Sunday, February 24, 2013

Know Your Why

I came across this phrase earlier today while looking around a sporting goods store. Plastered across a t-shirt, it caught my eye. Not only am I a fan of t-shirts, but the phrase peeked my interest. Know your why. Upon returning home a quick Google search revealed that those words were made famous in the sporting world earlier this year when Robert Griffin, III used it as a motivational slogan in his Washington Redskins' locker room. A more extensive look at the phrase betrayed that the concept behind the phrase has roots in books, speeches and various other forums.

The premise is the same: know why you do anything, everything, nothing. Why do you read this blog? Why do you send your child(ren) to a Catholic School? Why are you the principal of a Catholic School? Why do you listen to certain music? Why do you workout? Why do you believe in God? Why do you do the things you do, say the things you say, invest time in the things that take your time? 


In schools, as I've mentioned recently, we get so caught up in the latest program or teaching strategy or textbook series or holding on to certain curricular content or pleasing parents or having power that we sometimes forget why we do what we do? As Commissioner Bennett said, if we can strip away everything else and get to the heart of ensuring that all children learn at the highest possible level, our approach may be much more effective. If we can see the purpose behind putting objectives on the board or designing formative assessments that link back to those assessments or in how we scaffold from lower to higher order skills we may be much more successful in our pursuit of educating kids. Being intentional with content, approach, assessment, time management, classroom management is one of the most basic ways to find success in a classroom. 

It seems to be a good approach to our faith lives as well. Know your why. Use this period of Lent to return to the reasons that you believe in Jesus. Use this period to strip away all everything else and get to the heart of being the best possible Christian you can be. Be intentional in your beliefs. Have a purpose to your actions, words, and time. Realize that everything you do is an opportunity to show reverence to God and allow that to shape you. Allow it to change you. 

Know your why and start becoming the person you were created to be. 

Know your Why and realize that your why is to love Him.

Know your why. Love Him. 





Know your why. Come alive.