Sunday, April 25, 2021

Novena - Day 4

 Opening Prayer:

+Lord, open our lips. And we shall praise your holy name.

We celebrate the memorial of your Death and Resurrection, Lord, and we offer you the Bread of life and the Chalice of salvation. We give thanks that you have held us worthy to stand in your presence and minister to you. 

Take the fruit of the earth and vine and the work of our human hands - this bread and wine - and transform them so that they may become the bread of life and our spiritual drink. 


When Jesus heard of it, he withdrew in a boat to a deserted place by himself. The crowds heard of this and followed him on foot from their towns. When he disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, and he cured their sick. When it was evening, the disciples approached him and said, “This is a deserted place and it is already late; dismiss the crowds so that they can go to the villages and buy food for themselves.”

[Jesus] said to them, “There is no need for them to go away; give them some food yourselves.”

But they said to him, “Five loaves and two fish are all we have here.”

Then he said, “Bring them here to me,” and he ordered the crowds to sit down on the grass. Taking* the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, he said the blessing, broke the loaves, and gave them to the disciples, who in turn gave them to the crowds.

They all ate and were satisfied, and they picked up the fragments left over*—twelve wicker baskets full.

Those who ate were about five thousand men, not counting women and children.

The Gospel of the Lord. Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ. 


Jesus, please take our meager offering of bread and wine and transform them into your Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist. May we who eat at the Eucharistic table become who we receive, multiplying your presence in our lives and in our world.

Closing Prayer

Jesus, with your grace, our efforts are multiplied into something beyond measure. With thankful hearts, we pray:

Our Father...

Lord, bless us, keep us from all evil, and bring us to everlasting life. Amen.+

Closing Song: