Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Can't Shut Up

I've always wondered why Jesus told the blind man to stay silent about receiving his sight. I would think it some sort of masterful reverse psychology if it wasn't for the fact that Jesus wouldn't / couldn't / didn't need to manipulate people in this way. He was truth and lived in perfect accordance with who God created Him to be. He wouldn't have said it if He didn't mean it. He couldn't have said it if He didn't mean it. 

Instead of trying to analyze Jesus's motive here, outside of truly not wanting to draw attention to Himself, I am more intrigued by why the man who had been blind disobeys Jesus by spreading this good news and the Good News. As you can see there is some sort of contradiction here. Either Jesus is going against His nature - which can't be the case - or the formerly blind man blatantly, after having been the recipient of a miracle, disregards Jesus's desire and speaks. 

Perhaps it is because the man who had regained his sight couldn't do otherwise than proclaim it. He had literally been transformed by Jesus. The man's personal encounter with Jesus left the man changed in such a way that he was different than the person he was before meeting Jesus. It's the same reason that keeping a surprise of any sort is so darn hard. We have a desire to share news with others, but specifically good news. This man, blind from birth, now had sight! What could have been better? How could he not share that with others? 

In a similar way, I feel that I can't shut up about the joy of the Resurrection. I don't intend to blog as frequently as I had during Lent; I just couldn't seem to go to bed tonight, though. 

I just couldn't shut up. Don't be afraid to proclaim the Good News of Christ's Resurrection. Don't buy into the worldly message that Easter is over. 

It has only just begun. 

Happy Easter...for 49 more days. 

Don't shut up about it. Alleluia!